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How to make a beautiful tree last all season long!

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Lime Green Chevron Border or any Green Border

Lots of Dots Green Border or any Green Border

Holiday Ornaments 6” Cut-Outs , we sell these cutout. Give us a call if you need some.



Tape (Regular and Double Sided)


Preparation Instructions:

Use full sized Chevron border, match ends together and staple twice.

Cut multiple borders in matching lengths (by cutting once, you will end up with two fun sizes), and progressively change the sizes. Match each of the ends and staple again.

Take two pieces of the Lots of Dots Green border and stick double sided tape on the straight edge of the printed side of one piece, overlap the other piece so the whole thing is now scalloped on both sides. Repeat the same steps as the Chevron with the stapling and cutting

Create a fun and exciting star! We used the Poppin’ Patterns Stars 10” Cut-Out (we removed the border) and the Orange Chevron Border or any Border

Building the Tree:

For a symmetrical tree, tape the middle of a string where you imagine the star will be placed, and then tape the ends to the bottom for a triangle.

Start at the bottom with the largest pieces of ‘tree’ and tape to wall or board.

Alternate two Chevron pieces to every one Lots of Dots, or however you would like to reach your desired look.

Keep adding smaller pieces as you go up in rows.

To finish the sides of the trees, make sure you angle the top of the pieces in so that they hide under the other layers.

Add as many ornaments as you would like.

Top your tree with your star!

Finished! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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My Classroom

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I have been involved in education all of my life: as a student, as an Art teacher and owner of a teacher's supply store. You might say I have a passion for education but really my passion and vision lies in Classroom Decoration. Since i started my store, I have conducted some teacher training seminars and workshops on classroom decoration. My goal is to make learning fun for the kids.