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The dawn of the 21st century has brought about unprecedented changes evident in all spheres of human lives. Changes today are consistent and we are bound to move with the tide. The positive contribution and utilization of information technology in our daily life is a visible evident of the change that need no further explanation. Thus, we all need to be consistent with change in this era. Learning is a complex task and education remains the bed rock of the social economic success of any nation world over. Today, the role of education in the prosperity of a nation cannot be ignored. Great leaders were once learners and would continue to learn till they die. Hence, it is very imperative to design the foundation for early life learning in order to produce great leaders from today into the future. In the new millennium, conventions are being defiled, while new one are been defined. In this era, learning is no more a boring norm. That is, learning today can be a pleasurable task as opposed to the procedure and methods in the past. Entertainment is shaping the world order, and education is having a progressive shift in utilizing and applying entertainment in the development of learning applications. The reason is to remove the rigidity and create a flexible, independent and engaged learning process. In other word, it is aimed at creating active learning experiences.
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